Ever have one of those boyfriends that just made you want to rip your hair out? If so, here are 3 reasons your cat is way better than your boyfriend.

3 Reasons Cats are Better than Boyfriends

Written by Jenna Morgan.

Every girl has dated that 'type' of guy, the ones who just don't seem to get it. It's like they can't seem to decide whether we're their girlfriend or if they're looking for a second mother. It's enough to make a girl want to throw her hands up and scream but even that doesn't help since guys are notoriously bad listeners. Sometimes we may even start thinking that giving up on men might be the wiser choice. Sometimes they seem like more problems than they're worth.

It's in these times of hopelessness and despair that I find solace with my cat. I start to wonder if maybe going the route of the crazy cat lady might be a wiser choice. Not because I want a house full of cats since one or two will do, but because cats are so much easier to deal with then most men. It makes me wonder how many other women must be feeling the same way.

With this sudden realization a list had to be made. The pros and cons of having a boyfriend versus the peace of mind that comes with a cat. The list was long and tedious, and the cat came with too many pros to count. Granted, there were benefits to a boyfriend that the cat couldn't fulfill but in the end the frustration far outweighed the benefits, at least for now. Finally I came to the realization that the list could have been a book on its own, and instead chose to focus on just the top three reasons a cat is better than a boyfriend.

Free from Being a Maid

It happens to all of us. We come home from a long day of work, our feet killing us from walking around all day, and we just want some time to sit down and rest up. Apparently though we were hired for a second job that we didn't even apply for, let alone want. Not only are we pulling maid service by picking up and washing dirty laundry along with cleaning every corner of the house, but we also have a third job as a cook. After the cooking is done, we're back to being a maid and washing dishes.

As we begin to protest we realize that the job we did apply for really doesn't count and isn't important because it doesn't pay as well as that real job our boyfriend has. It doesn't matter that while he sits behind a desk all day and takes breaks to joke around with his co-workers, you're stuck on your feet running errands for a neanderthal boss and dealing with grumpy customers that, from their questions and complaints, likely have problems even dressing themselves in the morning. For some reason, you realize your soon to be ex-boyfriend has some problems understanding that work and pay do not necessarily go hand in hand.

With your cat you realize you never really have to worry about being their maid. Sure there's the cleaning of the litter box, but for the most part they're fairly independent. At least the cat doesn't leave the toilet seat up and he doesn't complain if you don't cook like the Iron Chef. As a bonus, the cats like to keep themselves clean which is more than you can say for the boyfriend who's been wearing the same underwear for the last week while insisting you keep a clean pair of dental floss like undergarments on at all times. This doesn't exactly bring about desires of intimacy for us which leads us to the second bonus of cats over boyfriends.

No Twisting Arms to Cuddle

Cats are notorious cuddlers which is sometimes just what we need after a long day when nothing seems to go right. Sometimes we need someone to hold us and give us time to talk and get things off of our chest without trying to tell us what do to or how to do it. We don't always want someone attempting to solve our problems. Cuddling and allowing us to get a weight off of our shoulders is sometimes all that is called for. It literally takes no effort from the other person besides just holding us and letting us speak. Boyfriends are notoriously bad at this.

A cat on the other hand is amazingly adapt at handling these types of situations. At most their response is a tiny purr as they curl up beside us and listen to what we have to say. There's no attempt at trying to tell us what to do or what we need to fix. There are no ulterior motives or attempts to turn a session of cuddling into something it's not when dealing with a cat. A cat, unlike a boyfriend, cuddles just because it likes to cuddle.

Not only that, but cats actually initiate the cuddling! No one wants to feel like they have to force their significant other to hold them. With cats that's not a problem. A cat doesn't have other things in mind when it does initiate the cuddling. It cuddles because it cares. Plus, you can actually cuddle with a cat at night while sleeping without being awoken by constant snoring. Try doing that with a boyfriend who then wonders why you happen to always be tired after a night sleeping next to them.

Power Struggles Disappear

Unlike boyfriends, cats understand that sometimes we need some time alone and they don't complain about it. We don't get the third degree about where we're going or who we're going with. We also aren't criticized for what we choose to wear when going out, which is great considering most guys complain when you walk out the door not looking your best, and then complain again when you spend the money to make sure you do. A cat really doesn't worry about it either way.

The great thing about cats is there's no struggle for control or power. When they're hungry they let you know, by their very nature they keep themselves clean, and they won't fight with you over the position of the toilet seat. They're also just as comfortable being alone as they are having someone to curl up to. They adapt without a fuss, unlike the arguing that happens with a boyfriend.

As an added bonus, cats can't help but be cute, something boyfriends struggle with. Even at their worst cats are adorable. Just the thing needed to cheer a girl up when things get rough. For this reason alone, cats are worth their weight in gold. Which makes it hard not to rank a cat higher on the charts than a boyfriend. Sure, there are some benefits you lose out on with a cat over a boyfriend. At the same time there's a bunch of huge headaches you also save yourself from.

As you start to mull everything over, weighing the pros and cons of the simplicity of a cat versus the complications of a boyfriend. It's definitely worth thinking about no matter how emotional the decision might be, especially considering your boyfriend's browsing history has shown he's been researching the 3 Reasons a Dog is Better than Having a Girlfriend. It's a tough choice, but if it's going to end it might be best to beat him to the punch.

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