Male fashion trends aren't usually adhered to by most men, but women definitely notice. While men can get away with quite a bit when it comes to fashion, there are several trends that need to disappear really quick.

5 Male Fashion Trends That Have to Stop

Written by Carolyn Coleman.

Most men don't concern themselves with fashion. I've dated a few who even went so far as to think that wearing ratty old clothes filled with holes was something that was acceptable whenever they were home. While even us women sometimes find it nice to lounge around the house in sweatpants and a t-shirt, there's a limit to just how often we're okay doing that. Most men don't seem to have that limit, let alone the good taste of a George Clooney when they're actually trying to dress up.

Most of the time we as women accept their lack of taste in fashion, or we attempt to give them a nudge towards something that at least lets them appear to have tried dressing themselves for the occasion. Sometimes we succeed, and often we fail, but at least we know we tried. There comes a point though when a girl just has to throw her hands up and say enough is enough already. These male fashion trends, if you can even call them that, have finally got me reaching that point.

Sagging Pants

Guys...Seriously? Have you not figured out that there's a reason there are belt loops on your pants? It may sound odd, but common sense should tell you they are there to use with a belt which keeps your pants around your waist. Your butt is not a decorative design made to hang out of your pants, and if your pants only reach up to your knees I have to wonder why you even bothered putting them on in the morning. Have you not heard where sagging pants originated? Honestly, I'd be embarrassed to wear them like that after hearing where the history of how that style came from. Sagging pants is likely the only thing that makes me look back on my own past relationships with boyfriends in ratty old clothes and think that maybe the holes in them weren't so bad. Even that thought makes me want to gag. So please, just stop.

The Mullet

I thought the mullet went out over a decade ago, but I've sadly seen more than a fair share of guys attempting to bring it back into style. My only question is why? I mean, it was ugly the first time around. Why are we trying for a second? A bunch of celebrities, including John Stamos, pulled it off in the past...barely. We're talking really great looking men doing it in their prime and they barely made it work. Chances are that you're not even in that same league, so why try it. Unless you're auditioning to be the next Joe Dirt, some things are meant to be forgotten. This style choice is one of them.

Pointed Toe Dress Shoes

I don't know what genius came up with this idea, but whoever it was needs to be taken out back and shot. I barely like it on other women who wear extremely pointed toe dress shoes, and on men it's just atrocious. Granted, I guess I have to give the guys credit for trying to be fashionable although these types of shoes just scream that you lack taste. There's just something ugly about them, and unlike the celebrities who barely pulled off the mullet, I don't think any celebrity could save these shoes from the fashion hell they belong in. While the square toed dress shoes aren't quite as bad, they're a close second. Feel free to burn those too.

Deep V-Necks

There actually are a small handful of celebrities that I think can pull this off. You're probably not one of them, and even if you were there's something about this style that just screams jerk. The only reason a select few celebrities can get away with it is because of the perfectly crafted marketing their PR team has put together for them that makes us think that maybe their personalities are different than what this shirt tells us about a guy. Without that we'd be laughing and running the other way from them too. That should tell you your chances with us if you're caught in this shirt.


I'm not even going to go there. If you have to ask why then you're already a lost cause. Lady friends, this goes for you too...

Carolyn Coleman

About Carolyn Coleman

Carolyn Coleman lives for simple and creative fashion, finding beauty in things that the masses may overlook. Her favorite time of the year is the fall when she can lose herself in the changing colors and crisp air, or curl up with a good book and a hot peppermint mocha from Starbucks. When she's not losing herself in fantastical stories of romance or adventure she can be found exploring the vintage shops along the California coast.

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