Everyone fails at fashion at some point in life. Some fails are so big though that they're remembered for decades. Case in point, these celebrity fashion flops are horrendous.

4 Biggest Celebrity Fashion Flops Ever

Written by Carolyn Coleman.

We all have our off days, and sometimes we just don't care. For us regular people, no matter how sloppy we may dress to make a quick run to the gas station or store, most people aren't going to care. Now granted, they're are some small exceptions to the rule as we've found with People of Walmart. Usually though, we're all safe from public scrutiny.

Celebrities often fall into a different category than the rest of us. A quick store run can result in their pictures being plastered all over the internet. This has left a lot of them being seen in a not so glamorous light. Even these though are usually quickly forgotten after a few days. Most of us expect celebrities to have these moments. They are people just like us after all, just with much larger bank accounts.

There are times though when a celebrity takes a major flop. These normally aren't their average outings to the store, but instead times when we actually expect them to look their best. Where us normal folk are expected to dress nicely for job interviews, these times would be considered the celebrity version of that. In these moments these celebrities proved they not only didn't get the job, but they bombed so hard the whole world laughed at them.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is kind of out there since her Hannah Montana days. While originally many thought it was an act to distance herself from the wholesome and sweet girl she played on Disney, it's gone on so long that I think it's just who she is. Granted, the crazy antics also bring her in a ton of cash and keep in her the news. I love that she's so comfortable in her body. I don't think I'd consider many of her fashion flops to be flops at all, but there are a few that really push that limit for me.

Recently she hosted the VMA's and I actually liked many of her outfits. Provocative yes, but she's so comfortable with herself, that I think she pulled a lot of them off even though some were way out there. There was one in particular though that I thought was horrible, even when compared to crazy outfits she's worn in the past. Her Naked Courrèges was just hideous, and the comedic glasses she wore made it even worse. I don't mind that she wears things showing off her great body, even if they're a bit strange. That outfit though looked more like she was expecting a downpour of rain and it wasn't a great choice.


In my personal opinion, I think us women can pull of zany outfits much easier than men can. With the case of Will.i.am, he helps to prove my point. Like Miley, there are aspects of him that I really like but some of his fashion choices over the years have left me shaking my head. Here's a guy who actually can look really good on some occasions, and on others we have to wonder what the heck he was thinking.

For some reason the MTV VMA's tend to have a lot of fashion fails. Maybe there's something in the contracts that requires so many of the celebrities to make fools of themselves. At the 2010 VMA's Will.i.am did just that when he appeared in what many called blackface Gumby. I'm still not sure what he was thinking, but the end result of whatever went through his head was not a pretty site.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known to have a slightly twisted sense of style. It's part of what people find interesting about her. For all the zany and wacky outfits she's worn over the years that have sometimes succeeded and sometimes flopped, one in particular stands out as a tragic event we'd all like to forget.

It was the 2010 MTV Video Music awards and somehow Lady Gaga had the not even close to brilliant idea of coming dressed like a butcher shop. From head to toe she was covered in raw beef. Her reasoning was that it brought awareness to animal rights. How butchering and wearing an animal makes others think you care about animals I'll never know. It's like opening up sweat shops and claiming you care about child labor. It's sick, and in my eyes was the biggest fashion flop ever.

Fatman Scoop

Okay, I'm now convinced that the VMA's either require fashion mishaps in their contract or that the celebrities are actually competing for worst fashion choices. It's so bad that some celebrities may have actually given up trying to even appear presentable. In doing so though, they make the list of fashion flops in a style reminiscent of the actual People of Walmart.

Which is why Fatman Scoop makes our list. Not because of a lousy fashion choice but because he didn't even try. Maybe he meant to hit the store and accidentally ended up at the awards show. Either way, showing up in an outfit more suited to a 7-Eleven run is definitely a fashion flop, which is just what he did at the 2008 VMAs when he stepped out in nothing but a pair of drawers, socks and sandals, and a wife beater. Actually, maybe he was smart. He got a fashion flop without putting in a fraction of the effort the others on our list had.

Carolyn Coleman

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