First dates can be both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. You only have one chance to make a great first impression, and here are several things not to do if you want if you want it to go well the first time out.

3 Fashion Don'ts for a First Date

Written by Carolyn Coleman.

Dating has been hard enough over the years. With social media, the wide range of dating sites, and a number of other ways to meet people, making a bad first impression can spell doom for getting a second chance. It's just too easy to jump onto the internet and meet someone else instead of taking a risk that a second date goes as bad as the first. While I don't think I'd want someone quite that fickle, if it's someone I really like I do want to improve my chances to see them again.

This got me thinking. What is it that guys like and don't like? Not any guy mind you, but the kind of guy that you'd really want to impress. The kind that's worth a girls time. Lucky for me I have some close guy friends that were kind enough to talk with me about what were huge turn offs for them. Some were tiny things that they thought were more or less personal preferences they each had, although there were a few larger reaching ones too that they all seemed to agree on. Funny enough, even my girlfriends seemed to think there was some wisdom in what the men said.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

If you're like me, you may have made the mistake of wearing a sexy pair of heels that hurt within an hour of putting them on your feet. While I may have appreciated how great my legs looked with them on, my feet felt differently. I swore that day I'd never choose style over comfort for a date again. To my surprise, that also seemed to be the consensus among my small group of guy friends.

While they also liked the idea of their date in a dazzling pair of heels, they've also been on the receiving end of the reality of them. Not literally as in the sore feet but in having to have a night out come to a stop due to their date not being able to walk. In other words, the date was memorable to them, but not in the way either party would have wanted. Guys are definitely into girls in sexy shoes, but not sexy shoes that cause her to spend the night groaning in agony. Comfort over style it is, or at least a happy medium.

Go Easy on the Makeup

Whatever that means. It seemed the men, having little knowledge of how makeup is applied, had trouble explaining just what they meant. There was yet another consensus though. Too much makeup is definitely a bad thing. While they couldn't properly explain just what they're ideas of too much was, it seemed to lean much more towards the made up but still natural in appearance. Although they also mentioned they'd be okay with a bit more depending on the occasion or the venue we'd be exploring as far as eye shadow or lipstick.

At least I think that's what they meant. Men trying to explain makeup makes very little sense most of the time. What I did take from this though is that if I'm ever torn on whether to accentuate certain features more or not, less is better. At least I hope that's what they meant. To put it more simply in terms they used, when the makeup comes off they want to recognize the face that was beneath it and not wonder where their date went.

Don't Overdo It

The final thing the men all seemed to agree on varied a bit in scope but all related to one thing. It was easier to lump it into one category with an explanation of the things they've experienced being overdone. Some of the things they listed came as a relief to me since I usually take the simpler approach when it's possible. For others it may come as a surprise, although I don't know many women who do this, contrary to the experiences they've mentioned.

So what's overdone besides the makeup we've already mentioned? Their list included wearing too much jewelry, bringing large purses, perfume and other scents being put on too strong, and overdressing for the occasion. Basically, at least for my small group of confidents, less was more. Which does make me wonder if the saying of men being simple creatures is more true than I previously thought, or if I just happened to come upon a group that's the exception to the rule. My female friends, what say you? Did I get lucky, or do these rules apply to the men in your lives too?

Carolyn Coleman

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