Makeup mistakes are a dime a dozen for all of us, but some mistakes go way too far. Are you guilty of one of the top 10 beauty mistakes everyone's making?

8 Beauty Mistakes You're Probably Making

Written by Carolyn Coleman.

Applying makeup seems like a simple thing, but there's a reason it can sometimes take awhile to do. Coloring, contouring, and selecting the right colors can sometimes feel overwhelming. Then there are times we finish, completely proud of the work we've done, only to take a quick look in the mirror while we're out and realize it doesn't exactly look as great as it did before we left.

If you suffer from these problems, chances are you've been applying your makeup wrong all along. There's no need to fret though, as I walk you through the 8 common beauty mistakes you've probably been making and the ways to correct them. Before you know it you'll be looking like a million bucks from the time you leave until long after the party's over just like the pros.

Over Powdering

Most women use a heavy hand with translucent powder, and apply it way to liberally to their skin. Translucent powder really isn't your friend though. It doesn't offer the benefits most women think it does, and in most cases it does the opposite. Your skin ends up looking dry, white, and cakey while the powder settles into the wrinkles and fine lines of your face. A better option is to use a light powder and apply it only where it's needed. If you suffer from oily skin, be sure to use blotting papers first or else you'll find yourself with a chalky appearance.

Using the Wrong Under-Eye Concealer

In most cases, the concealer women use is far too light. Instead of hiding dark circles, you bring unwanted attention to the area instead. It may glow, but not in the way most of us want or that we find attractive. A good way to find the right concealer is to test it on the back of your hand. If it looks too light there then chances are it's also too light for your face. A peach-toned concealer is a good choice as it's universally flattering and helps cancel out blue tones.

Applying Foundation on Dry, Flaky Skin

No matter how great your foundation is, it won't do a bit of good in hiding dry, flakey skin. Instead it has the opposite effect, often times making your skin look extremely old and tired. In these cases it's best to try consistently moisturizing during the day and night. You'll also want to try exfoliating regularly. If your skin is extra dry, try using a moisturizing primer before applying foundation to your skin.

Too Much Blush

The idea of using blush is to fake flushed cheeks. Using too much can make you appear to look a bit on the crazy side of things. Putting blush too close to your nose can mimic the redness you get when you're stuffed up, and it shouldn't harshly go up to your temples. When applying blush it should be diffused from the apples of your cheeks outward toward your temples in a way that almost melts into your skin. Also remember to match it to your skin tone. For example, olive skin looks best with warmer tones, and fair skin with pink or rosy tones. If you've got dark skin, try a plum or berry.

Bad Bronzer Application Techniques

When applying bronzer it's best to start at the perimeter of your face and work inward. The best place to start is behind the ear and then work your way down along the jawline. A light sweep across your forehead by the hairline, bridge of the nose, cheeks and tip of the chin will finish it off. If your face begins to look dirty, or muddy as they say, applying a bit of blush to the cheeks and sweeping a highlighter across the tops of your cheekbones will remedy it.

Mismatching Foundation

You know you've made this mistake if your head begins to look a different color from your body. When putting on foundation it should blend seamlessly with the rest of your skin, almost as if it's invisible. You can always test if it's the right color by placing some on your jawline in the day light. If it disappears then you've found the right shade for your skin. Always make sure to bring the color down to your neck to blend it properly. If you're wearing something that reveals your décolletage, then you'll have to extend your foundation further unless you're going for the two toned look, which isn't that sexy. As a final note, don't forget to run your foundation brush over your ears to match the skin to the rest of your face.

Drawing Exaggerated Eyebrows

Not everyone has a naturally thick set of brows, and sometimes to compensate we go too far in the opposite direction. This results in a set of brows that look extremely unnatural, and in some cases cartoonish. Just because you don't have thick brows doesn't mean you should grab the darkest pencil available to fill them in. A better option is a spoolie brush, and directing your brows upward at a 45 degree angle. Finish it off by setting them with brow gel. Color's also important. If you're a brunette you'll want to go one shade lighter than your hair color. Blondes will want to fill in sparseness with a pencil that's one shade darker.

Skipping the Primer

If you have oily skin you've likely faced issues with shine when wearing makeup. To bring it down, smooth on a mattifying face primer before applying foundation. It's also a good idea to keep some touch-up products on you throughout the day. Cleansing wipes are a great choice. If you find yourself without this product, a toilet seat cover from the ladies restroom is a quick fix you can use to blot.

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