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Is there a backlash to being fit? From steroid accusations  and other common critiques about being chiseled, is having an unbelievable physique really achievable?

The Backlash to Being Fit

Published September 27th, 2015 by Tim Santoro

Hollywood has had a long standing presence of action stars with the body of a Spartan warrior. This is so true that in fact there was a movie about Sp...

Exercising has many benefits and some of us pursue those benefits with a ravenous appetite. Yet, there are times that our work towards better health can be costly. Read on for the signs that you may be pushing too hard and hurting your fitness goals.

6 Signs You're Over Exercising

Published September 20th, 2015 by Jenna Morgan

Exercise is always towards the top of the list of things we should do to stay healthy. It plays a role in our everyday lives from the way we feel and ...

Everyone would love to have one of the hard bodies we see on magazine covers or in ads. While many of us know these aren't true to life in most cases, there's other secrets that Hollywood hide, particularly when it comes to video and the results we see.

How Fitness Gurus Create Unrealistic Results

Published September 20th, 2015 by Jenna Morgan

We've all seen the stories from the fitness experts. Whether it's articles about Hollywood or late night fitness infomercials showing extraord...