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Hollywood has shown it's addicted to rehashing the same old stuff and we all complain. So why do they keep doing it? Maybe it's because that's exactly what we want them to do.

Hollywood's Sequel, Remake, and Actor Addiction

Published October 12th, 2015 by Carolyn Coleman

We've all heard the calls for something original to come out of Hollywood. Yet, time after time what we see is Hollywood relying on sequels or try...

There were high hopes that The Fantastic Four might finally live up to other recent comic based films. Instead, we find ourselves with what has been dubbed a Trankwreck but was it really Josh Trank's fault?

The Fantastic Four - A Trankwreck?

Published September 21st, 2015 by Martin Douglas

If you keep up with movies at all on the internet, there's no doubt you've come across articles about how disastrous the opening of the new Fa...

3 Great Websites for Filmmakers. Whether your starting off or a seasoned pro, these 3 sites cover everything from filming basics, special effects, and distribution so you can get your film started.

3 Best Websites for Filmmakers

Published September 21st, 2015 by Martin Douglas

With cheap DSLR's, open source CGI programs, and even camera phones that can shoot video that would have been unimaginable to the masses just a de...